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Google’s latest earbuds, the Pixel buds Pro, are undoubtedly a good pair of buds. As the name suggests, using the Pixel Buds Pro with the Pixel makes sense, although Google’s latest earbuds are still a great option for other Android devices. Interestingly enough, depending on what you’re using, an app may not be needed.

As mentioned, using the Pixel Buds Pro with one of Google’s Pixel devices makes for a great experience. Since the buds are designed to integrate well with the Pixel, there is no featured app, instead the settings controls. While this is how the Pixel Buds Pro controls are portrayed, what you technically see is the Control app incognito as a page in Settings.

Pixel Buds Pro control app is already installed on every Pixel, even if you don’t have a pair of Pixel Buds. However, you don’t really need a Pixel phone to enjoy listening to these specific earbuds. In order to control features like ANC, Multipoint pairing, and more, you must have the Pixel Buds app, which doesn’t come pre-installed and masquerades as a settings page on other Android devices.

The Pixel Buds Pro app can be found on the Google Play Store, however, after using Fast Pair to connect your buds by simply opening them near your device, your phone should notify you that the required app is ready to install. From there, you can access the Pixel Buds controller app and take advantage of all those fun settings.

Using the Pixel Buds Pro app

The only part that differs between devices is going to the app itself. On the Pixel, believe it or not, it takes more steps to get to the earbuds without a dedicated gadget. On any other Android device, you can just head over to the Pixel Buds app and start making adjustments.

on Pixel

Here’s how to access the Pixel Buds Pro settings on your Pixel phone:

  1. On a Pixel phone, Head to your Bluetooth settings. You can do this by long clicking on the Bluetooth quick settings box after swiping down twice from the home screen.
  2. Click on gear settings Next to Pixel Buds.

This is it! You are in the Pixel Buds Pro settings. Alternatively – and for quick access – you can create a shortcut widget and place it on your home screen. Just Long press on your home screen and hit widgets. You find pixel buds And the Long press on it to drag it somewhere on the home screen. Choose Pixel Buds Pro when it asks for the device you want to use.

From there, you can just click on the shortcut and access the settings right away.

On other Android devices

On your Android device, you must have a file Pixel Buds app installed. Once you do that, simply click on the app icon and you will be sent to the settings.

After you get there, you have several options to modify. First, the top displays Pixel Buds Pro with a battery case under each earbud. This is useful for determining if your sprouts need to be charged quickly.

NB: The Pixel Buds Pro must be out of the case for some in-app settings to appear.

Of course, you can set up and enable Google Assistant – An essential element of Pixel Buds. On this settings page, you can turn off the Google Assistant completely if you need to, and also adjust small details like the start up sound that plays when the Google Assistant listens.

The Touch controls The page lets you take a quick look at what each gesture does; Tapping on the gesture’s name on the screen will display a quick visual example of how that gesture works. The only gesture you can customize is “touch and hold”, which can either be the Google Assistant gesture or change your ANC preferences. If desired, each ear can perform a different action with this gesture.

It seems Allows you to choose the active ANC mode. Pixel Buds Pro has ANC – Active Noise Cancellation – and a Transparency Mode. If you don’t want either to turn on, you can just choose “Off”, which disables these features.

The last two settings are less obvious, although they are vital. Both sound switch And the Multipoint They are great settings to turn on and they work just fine in conjunction. Audio transcoding is a new technology introduced by Google that makes switching output devices easier. For example, if your Android tablet is playing music and you get a call on your phone, Fast Pair’s volume toggle doesn’t miss anything and instantly switches to your phone as an output device. For this to work, Multipoint must be running.

What can you do without the app?

As mentioned, Pixel Buds Pro has gesture controls. This allows you to take care of many of the settings just by touching the face of the bud. For example, swiping forward will raise and lower the volume in the opposite direction. You can turn ANC on/off and use playback controls.

Alternatively, Google Assistant can take care of a lot of these settings rather than touching the controls. Once the Google Assistant is activated, you can say “turn on ANC” or “volume up”. Both of these statements work, and odds are that whatever your ant setup can be achieved with a baked-in Google Assistant request.

Overall, the Pixel Buds app is easy to use and features a lot of different settings for your Pixel Buds Pro. If you’re using a Pixel, be sure to add the Pixel Buds shortcut widget to your home screen, as it makes accessing the app a lot easier.

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beautiful home decor Williams vs Radokano match postponed Brian Kelly, LSU player Myles Brennan, retires from football Black Adam and Stripe are seemingly heading to MultiVersus Bryce Dallas Howard claims she received payment.