Bold and beautiful: Sheila alodes the police while Mike hits me over the head

At the house where Sheila Finn is held, he and me share an emotional encounter. Finn marvels that his mother is alive, and tells Lee that nothing is stopping her from returning to him. Sheila flips. “How the hell did you survive that?!?”

Back at Bill’s house, Liam smoked as he tried to reach Baker’s head and asked if he would keep it. “No, I can’t stand it! Because I have information about Sheila Carter’s whereabouts, that’s why!” He bellows the phone.

On the Forrester plane, Taylor tells Ridge about her dream about Stevie and Finn, who is still alive. It sounded so real, Stevie was laughing. She wishes she could close her eyes and go back to that place – where Stevie and Finn meet together. Taylor leaned her head on Ridge’s shoulder again.
Taylor Ridge jet B&B . Hotel

After a while, the pilot alerts them that they will not have wi-fi until they land. Frustrated ridge. He hates being inaccessible with everything that happens. They mention how happy they are that Stevie is out of the country with Sheila running around.

At Bill’s house, Liam finally reached out to the chief baker and said, “We’ve found it.” He doesn’t have a specific location yet, but his dad is on his way there with Li Finnegan. Hope comes in and listens to Liam’s end of the conversation as he explains to Baker that Lee was with Sheila and Finn…and he’s alive. Baker doesn’t believe any of this and asks him to call him immediately as soon as he gets the address from Bill. After he disconnected Liam, Hope gasped, “Finn is alive!?”

At home, Sheila says she witnessed Lee’s car crash – there’s no way she could have survived it. He scoffs at me, “But I did. Just like Finn.” They overcame everything I threw at them. “You’re done, Sheila!” Bell interjects, “Yeah, you are. You’ll never hurt anyone again, Sheila.”

On the plane, Taylor is concerned about showing up to see Stevie without warning and Ridge urges her to stay positive – they’ll see their daughter today!

At Bill’s house, Liam sits with his wife and fills her in with what he told me. I hope he’s wondering if Sheila did something to her. Liam doesn’t know, but his father finds her in the alley shocked and unable to speak. Suddenly, he receives a message and stammers, “Oh my God they found them. They found the apartment. Now all I have to do is make sure the police arrive on time.”
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At the station, Baker answers his phone to Liam, who says, “I have an address for you.” Becker barked, “Text me. I’m on my way to my car now!”

At home, Sheila protested that she didn’t want any of this to happen – she wasn’t responsible for my accident. Lee whispers that she was in the car because of her and tells Finn that Sheila attacked her when she tried to call the police. Finn rushes at Sheila and Bill holds him in the bay. I wonder that she somehow survived. While Finn hugs his mother again, Sheila tries to run for her. Bill stops her. “You’ll be back behind bars for the rest of your pathetic life.”

Once Sheila was tied to the bed, she pleaded with Finn to tell them how she had saved him and restored him to health. Lee shot, “You shot two people and left them to die, and you got me out of the way.” Finn barks, “What do you mean ‘two people’?” She explains to me that she shot Stevie. Sheila protested, “You threatened me, what I was supposed to do…” Finn rushes for his mother again, with Bill stopping him. He tells him he He understands he wants her out, they all do, but they need to let the police handle her. Finn must get to Stevie. Lee urges Bell to take Finn to find his wife; she will stay with Sheila, who is tied up.
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At Bill’s house, Liam receives a call from his father and is relieved to hear that Finn is actually alive. Liam assures that the cops are on their way.

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At home, Finn tells Lee he loves her before he follows Bill out the door – he’s ready to be reunited with his wife. Sheila pleads, “Who wait!” He shuts the door and turns me to Glow in Sheila. “Do you really think you’ll get away with this?” Sheila got exactly what she wanted. “My son is alive and he is on his way to reunite with his wife.” I wasn’t fooled by this – she’s wanted Finn and Hayes in her life, and adores her like some kind of Mother of the Year, but instead, the only thing you’ll see is inside a prison cell! Then, Mike appeared behind Lee and pulled her out of the cold. Moaning, “Sheila, what the hell is going on?” Sheila asks him to free her – they have to get out of there now! Mike starts doing it.
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Forrester’s plane lands and Ridge and Taylor look forward to seeing Stevie – they just want to squeeze her in.

In Bill’s place, Hope can’t get Ridge to answer and Liam can’t call Stevie. “Oh my God, you should know that Fen is alive!” He can’t believe he just said that out loud. “Finn is alive.”

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At home, sexy music plays while Mike frees Sheila and she pulls him to kiss him. I tell him they’re leaving separately, and they’ll meet up later when Mike asks, “How am I going to know where…” The door closes. “Find you,” he sighs. Taking a step, he was startled when he grabbed my foot and removed it. He staggered back to his feet and complained, “What the hell is this, madam?” As Lee smoked, “How can you let this psycho go?!” Mike tells her to stay out of his way. Lee snarled, “Make me.” Just then, Becker explodes. “Where’s Sheila?” She yells at me, “You went! You went that way!”

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On Spencer’s plane, Bill tells Finn that they are taking off soon. After it was cleaned up, he asked to use Bill’s phone to try to reach Steffy again. Getting her voicemail telling her he’s her husband. He’s alive and on a plane. He is on his way to it. He loves it so much and it won’t be long. “We’ll be together soon. Soon, Stevie.”
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beautiful home decor Williams vs Radokano match postponed Brian Kelly, LSU player Myles Brennan, retires from football Black Adam and Stripe are seemingly heading to MultiVersus Bryce Dallas Howard claims she received payment.