Florida State Soccer 2022 website preview: Defensive Line

With the start of 2022 Seminoles, Florida Report on the start of fall camp, we continue to detail the FSU site groups. From the well-known to the hack-looking unknown, we’ve taken a look at all the players you need to know.

Next, the defensive line of the FSU. Which was a unit of strength in 2021 thanks to the selection of Jermaine Johnson in the first round along with significant contributions from Ker Thomas. Between a combination of experience and capturing the new transfer portal, Seminoles’ will look to maintaining trenches as a defensive offensive force.

Florida State Seminoles football: defensive line

The main name to know

DT Fabian Lovett, redshirt junior

The top name on this list outside the centre-back, Fabian Lovett will be the Fifa’s defense chief this season. That statement is backed up not only by his playing and experience on the field, but coach Mike Norville’s choice to bring him to ACC Kickoff as one of the three faces of the programme.

Last season, this unit was the rock around which everything in defense was built. A star-like rise has catapulted Jermaine Johnson II and Kerr Thomas into one of the best defensive lines in conference and country. The pair finished 88th nationally in sacks, collecting 1.5 sacks per game. An unrealistic level of production gave FSU a chance to enter every game in 2021.

They may both be gone, but don’t underestimate Lovett’s influence in those stats.

At 6’4″ 318 pounds, Lovett is getting a lot of attention midway through that streak. In his 11 games last season, he posted 4.5 tackles for a loss and 2 sacks, which was enough to earn him an honorable mention from the All-ACC.

It’s hard to post big stats playing in the middle, but with holes surrounding it in the DL, having Lovett being a fulcrum at the core of that unit would be a massive boost for the unit that will need to be productive again in 2022 for Nol to take the next step. .

If these stats come to light, other pieces of the FSU may find a foothold with less resistance from the opposing offensive lines, which could put this defense as one of the best units in the conference.

Returning players

De Derek McClendon II, a sophomore student of the Redshirt

We just talked about two big missing pieces in Florida from 2022 in Johnson and Thomas and the need for someone — maybe two bodies — to fill that void.

The number one man likely to be relied upon to do so is Derek McClendon.

The former four-star defensive end had limited playing time in 2019 and 2020, but he featured in all 12 games last season as a staple of the DL rotation. Now, instead of being a mainstay in the spin, it will be looked at to drive it. But he certainly isn’t shy about adopting this role.

He definitely excelled in his skills to be an elite defensive end. Last season, he managed a 4.5 for a loss with 3.5 sacks, a forced stumble and one recovery. This sack’s total made him the only player on the roster outside of Johnson and Thomas to reach more than two sacks.

Although the key will be consistency. Can he increase production while taking on a bigger role for defense?

DT Robert Cooper, old man in a red shirt

The other returning player on this line is the great defensive tackle Robert Cooper. Between Cooper and Lovett, Noles will have plenty of size and experience in the middle.

While Cooper didn’t have the reputation that Lovett built for himself, he did become a trusted advocate along the defensive line. He has appeared in all 12 matches played prior to a season, 10 of which he started and has also earned an honorable mention from All-ACC. The 6’2-inch 335-pound DT only recorded a half-bag and 4.5 losing tackles on the season at the time, but he was able to post more than twenty push-ups.

If he’s able to turn even half of that 25% into sacks, Florida’s defensive line becomes exponentially more dynamic. If not, it is at worst a large object that can be subjected to pressure and have a stabilizing force in the middle of this line.

New arrivals

De Jared Ferris, a sophomore student of the Redshirt

Is this the next rising star?

In his very short time on the roster, no one has built a bigger fanfare than the Jared Verse Albany transfer. With Johnson and Thomas successful after making their way through the transfer gate, Verse immediately plunged into expectations and it’s easy to see why.

He’s got the proper build – 6’4″ 248 pounds nearly identical to Jermaine Johnson – and has been very productive on his last leg. In two seasons totaling 15 games, Verse scored 74 tackles with 21.5 tackles for a loss, 14.5 sacks, 15 accelerations in the middle and two forced tackles At Albany, last season alone, he scored 53 tackles, 11.5 tackles for a loss, 10.5 sacks and 13 rebounds in the middle.

Eye test says stars are in the making. But he’s also on the cusp of making a big leap in the competition.

Though, there are examples of his brilliant brilliance against ACC enemies as well.

If he shines so bright surrounded by FCS talent, could the FCS All-American’s top freshman burst onto the scene in 2022? Florida certainly hopes so and it looks like a lot of other majors think so too like LSU, Florida, USC, Oklahoma, Auburn, Miami are all in the transfer gate.

To allay all doubts, Fabian Lovett checked the last square in the verse last week. Yes, the verse has this dog inside of it.

This unit is easily the strongest on the team thanks to this group of potential stars. They all have the ability to play on Sundays in the future, which isn’t something you can say about any other unit on this list. Meaning this defense will only get as far as this DL can take them.

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