Galen Bronson will bring a kind of “everyday” energy to the Knicks

Galen Bronson will not change.

The Knicks know exactly what they’re getting. And exactly what the new rule will offer every day, no matter what his game or circumstances.

“For me, they get a great goalkeeper, a great captain, and a great guy. They get a normal guy,” God Shamgood, who has worked with Bronson for the past three seasons as a Mavericks player development coach, told The Post. And in life, and not just basketball, there is nothing more important to me than an ordinary person. Every day his energy will be the same, every day he will bring the right attitude, with the right hard work, and it may seem simple to people, but it is difficult. In life, not just in basketball, it’s hard in life to get someone you know you can count on every day to be the same.

“I’m not saying you won’t have bad days or good days, or some days are better than others, but as personal as it is, it’s always the same person every day. And this is a smart basketball player who works hard and talks about the right things.”

Galen Bronson
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For a long time, this was painfully absent in New York. Julius Randle, the team’s big money maker two seasons ago, followed up the surprise second season with a mercurial third campaign, at times battling fans amid choppy performances and behavior. Last summer’s starting signing Yvan Fournier ran through streaks extremely hot and cold, swaying in confidence in his shot.

Perhaps most telling was the point guard, where the franchise suffered from the lack of any regularity in the position it required for more than two decades. In recent years, Kimba Walker and Derek Rose have failed to make it onto the court after raising initial hope. Before them, Jeremy Lin offered a brief glimpse of success before his reign quickly ended.

Bronson provides the Knicks with that long-awaited reliability and consistency in a position that has become notorious for being absent from those qualities in New York.

“That’s because of the kind of person he is, and the kind of person his family was brought up in, he doesn’t really go into anything too crazy,” Shamgood said. “Everything New York is built on, everything New Yorkers want is already in it. It’s not someone who is there [in the nightlife] In addition to being a good kid, he’s a good human being. He loves the gym means he loves the gym. He’s not going to New York and it will be something completely different. He’s not someone who hangs out until four or five in the morning and stuff like that. He’s going to New York to be the New York Knicks guard, and that’s how he’s going to deal with it every day.”

God Shamgud
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Shamgood knows all about expectations and plays a guard in New York. He stars in a high school at La Salle Academy in Manhattan during the late ’80s and early ’90s era that saw New York City’s point guards come to fame, part of the soon-to-be-released Showtime and Boardroom “Point Gods” documentary. The film, featuring Mark Jackson, Kenny Anderson, Dwayne “Pearl” Washington, Stephon Marbury, Rod Strickland, Kenny Smith and more, depicts the impact of that era left by New York City basketball players on basketball and the larger cultural community as a whole. . Shammgod played two seasons in Providence, where, as a sophomore, he led the brothers to the Elite Eight squad in 1997. He played one season in the NBA for the Wizards before moving abroad.

Now as an assistant with the Mavericks, Shamgood worked closely with Bronson for three of his first four seasons in the NBA, and witnessed his development firsthand. With more experience and bigger offensive vows, Shamgood sees better decision making, game making and scoring in New York.

Much of the role Bronson’s father, who played for the Knicks and is currently an assistant coach, played much of Bronson’s decision. Shamgood knows the family, and knows that everything Rick Bronson instilled in his son is what made him so primed for this moment. Bronson, who grew up in New Jersey, may not be a primary bodyguard in New York City. But he’s got everything it takes to now be a New York City ranger.

“I think it’s been set up really well for him. As much as I’m from New York, I know fans love nothing more than a consistent and consistent player. As long as you work hard, the fans will give you the same energy. His dad is the assistant coach there, and his dad and family have done a job Great with him, they have helped him and he grow into the man he is today. I don’t think he will have any issues with the fans, and I think the fans will appreciate what he brings to the table every day.

“Look at the thing about the Knicks, if you’re with the Knicks you can’t go up or down too much. You have to stay in the middle, and that’s what it is as a person and as a player. He’s never going to be the kid he’s going to be, when things go the way they are. alright, thinks “I’m the best person in the world,” [and] When things are not going well, [think] “Oh, I can’t play” – this is not Galen. Galen will always be in the middle and always working.”


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