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Even before Netflix released its opening weekend audience numbers later today that likely indicate a record audience interaction in 92 countries, the streaming device launched a sequel to gray man, with Gosling returning to the title role and directing Joe and Anthony Russo once again. They will produce with AGBO’s Mike Larocca, Roth Kirschenbaum Films’ Joe Roth and Jeffrey Kirschenbaum. Stephen McFeely, who co-wrote the original novel from Mark Greaney with him Avengers Programming partner Christopher Marcus, writes this solo.

Anthony and Joe Russo at the premiere of “The Gray Man”

After the release of gray man This weekend, debuting as the first movie on the streaming device in 92 countries and garnering 91% of the Rotten Tomatoes audience, Netflix may have the 007 spy franchise it was looking for and paid more than $200 million to bomb Prague in a Manu Gosling match. Manu vs Chris Evans.

Netflix and AGBO are also developing a file gray man Inspired by the book series. They keep the details a secret but they have dead list And the Zombie land Writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are on board as screenwriters.

Here, Joe and Anthony Russo describe the future plans for AGBO’s second Netflix franchise – extraction The sequel to Chris Hemsworth is locked – and also centered on directing the highest-grossing movie of all time Avengers: Endgame To make an equally ambitious film, for an entirely different style.

Limit: This is rapidly evolving into a universe, after many have tried to transform gray man Its a movie that happened before you guys check it out. Describe what you will do in the future.

Joe Russo: The sequel is based on the novel by Mark Greene. Translating from one medium to another often requires interpretation, but we have an incredible amount of source material from an amazing show. We’ll build on that for the sequel.

Limit: What can you say about the subview?

Joe Russo: Wernick and Reese will write the spin-off and we’ll do something more exciting and experimental with that.

Limit: what does that mean?

Joe Russo: This means that one would be honest hard can’t say more at this point.

Limit: You made this big movie on Netflix. Compare the reaction to the reaction you got in the global theatrical release Avengers: Endgame?

Joe Russo: Everyone loves the movie. The audience score is great, the response was overwhelming, and it ranked first in 93 countries. Evans and Gosling are very happy with the movie, and Ryan told me his mom said it was her favorite movie he’d ever made. We’ll take that as testimony that we need a sequel, those comments from Ryan’s mother. Everyone is happy, they love to work together. We just got back from traveling the world and the response has been phenomenal. We are excited to expand the story.

Limit: When you watched the movie, you could see the big budget on screen in great action sets. Had Netflix deviated from its model and put in some P&A for a longer theatrical release, I think the movie could have made hundreds of millions of dollars globally before landing on the streaming platform. Netflix is ​​developing its model. Is it possible for the second installment to be larger with a different distribution plan? Is this something you want?

Joe Russo: There are two different business models. This will require Netflix to commit to an additional business model. The confrontation with the main players using the original IP requires a lot of money to compete in this field. You have to spend like a drunken sailor and spend big money for profits and profits, repairing relationships with some theater distributor. They’ll have to stick to the windows that these modellers will accept and there has to be a formula, some regression formula, to let you know how long that window has to be before it overlaps the model.

Limit: The advantage of P&A spending is that it creates cultural awareness that actually makes real estate more valuable when it lands on the streaming service.

Joe Russo: There’s no doubt that the play creates more saturation in pop culture, but they’ve been a hit Weird things And the squid game. They have seen that their model performs for them in ways equivalent to theatre. If you look at the numbers, the number of eyeballs they attract on the weekend around the world outweighs the importance. The equivalent of astronomical play dollars. When I make a movie on Netflix, this comes next extractionI get a response, my phone explodes as much as when we did Avengers Movie. There are a lot of people watching around the world. I try to be scientific about it. Selfish, I would like to see her. But there are a lot of things that need to happen to properly support it. It’s easier to view a detailed movie than an original prop movie. Any studio that will be spent on an original support column, there will be a multiplier of the usual spending, because it is original. Are they willing to commit to this level of criticism? I think there is a model that works. Do they have the device for that? Do you want a device that smashes on the stream and then you have to squash it in a play, or do you have to get another device that caters to the play. There are a lot of questions.

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Extraction

Chris Hemsworth in “Extraction”

Deadline: That’s true, but with support film budgets escalating, are eyeballs enough to justify the investment?

Joe Russo: question that only Ted [Sarandos] vein [Hastings] You know, what is the end game for a digital platform. If you reach the maximum subscriber size, where do you go? What is the growth ceiling? I don’t know. I didn’t expect a company that has been renting DVDs from vending machines to get to this place in a decade either. I will never guess them again. But we all know if they put in a lot of money, get the movies and the right list, fix the relationship with certain theater chains and stick to the right window, height, and set up, they can have a thriving theatrical business. Theatrical conversation is a hot topic because everyone wants to speculate on what Netflix might do, and move on. There are more questions to consider than people attribute to the problem.

Limit: Kevin Feige impressed so much at Comic-Con last weekend, he talked about how you guys aren’t guiding secret wars, which has been widely speculated. Looking at your dance card with gray man Today’s news and electrical slate Your next movie, I can’t imagine when you’ll have time to create another cinematic world.

Joe Russo: We have a lot of movies being shown in most of the decade. They are amazing and follow a storytelling style and this movie would do very well for their multiverse arc. If it happens later in the decade it might make sense to us, but it’s just a matter of timing.

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Limit: Perhaps worldwide monthly subscription checks, without the cost of a significant P&A spending, could generate enough money.

Joe Russo: make a lot of money. It is always a question of how to make more money, and the ratio of risk to reward that they have to figure out on the theatrical side. Everyone wants to see more movies that go into movie theaters and a company with this muscle is showing those movies in theaters, but that should make sense. As a filmmaker, what you don’t want is for someone to say, I’m going to give you a theatrical performance. But it is not properly supported. This is the worst thing in the world. There is a commitment that has to happen on a large scale. And I think they are fully aware of that.

Ryan Gosling as Six in “The Gray Man”

Limit: Ryan Gosling is very good at this, with his reluctant hero style. What made him the man with this privilege?

Joe Russo: It does two amazing things that I don’t think anyone else can do. He has great physical strength. It’s believable on screen as this kind of character. He has great control over the body. An action movie requires a very different skill set than a dramatic role, but this movie is, at its core, a comedy, you know? I would put this in a category Run midnight or lethal Weapon or die hard Where action meets comedy. But in many ways, comedy is the movie’s primary drive, and Ryan has a dry, erratic sense of humor that appeals to the absurd in us. Anthony and I very much enjoy writing our own silly lines that people say in very serious situations in which we laugh and have fun; Either it can act as a line that works in the sense of a genre, or if you have a quirky sense of humor like the rest of us, you might find comedy in it. He’s great in that regard. We are theater students who also grew up, Mamet, we love language, we love silly language.

Limit: So you’ll be right back to work on Netflix electrical slate with streamer Weird things Actress Millie Bobby Brown…

Anthony Russo: When we started AGBO with Markus and McFeely, the company was going to do a lot of things, but the heart and the reason why we keep going forward with these guys, is that we love the universe-building work we’ve done with them so much. We love huge commercial storytelling, and the long storytelling perfect for multiple access points to the narrative. We wanted to keep it going, keep working in this unique form that we all enjoyed so much and that was good. When we were finishing our work at Marvel we moved straight to cherryIt’s a smaller character movie that we can get to quickly and easily, but we’re also starting to develop more complex ideas in the spirit of Marvel. Fantasy movies and science fiction movies that create universes from the ground up. It takes many years to do a good job. We’ve worked on a few special projects like this. gray man It is something that has been in our lives for a long time. Also, it is set in the real world, not the world in which you create each item.

We have other things to come. electric state It is the first such material that we have developed over the past several years that has taken a long time to emerge. It took a long time to develop and test it until we were ready to go and make it happen. gray man It is a more mature movie. It wouldn’t appeal to kids who loved the Marvel movies, would it? electric state It’s more in the Marvel movie territory. You will get 6 year old children. It’s that kind of tonal movie, and that’s the first… and it’s a completely original world, built from the ground up and you’ve never seen anything like it in the cinema before, so it took us a long time to get to that, and the stuff in line after It is in the same vein. We start shooting in October.

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