I’m sure the depth of the offensive line has improved dramatically

Talhasi – It was sometimes impossible to recruit a qualified group of offensive scholarship workers, along with the temporary starting lineup. Florida condition Last season.

The depth of the seminoles along the line was exhausted to extend the second year under Mike Norville, with ill-equipped lower-tier men or even infantry at times forced to run with the team’s second line during training. This affected the quality of practices and obviously had a profound effect on games FSU used a huge batch of 21 OL. twenty. One.

“We fixed that,” Norville said with a big smile when asked about issues with depth since 2021. Or by the deep issues that came up, the ability to bring in some transfers, some really talented recruits in high school, and I think it sets up a big fall ahead of us.”

FSU brought in 10 offensive linemen for scholarships in an off season, including four transfers with beginning experience at various levels of college football. Kayden Lyles Came to FSU this spring after some started at the center for Wisconsin While bless harris Joined from Lamar several years later I started interfering with the FCS program. Join them for three years Charlotte beginning Dimitri Emmanuel Later in the season then finally part-time South Carolina Treat Gasstone Torrentine last month to add to a group that brings back four of its starters from last season.

“The gate was valuable to add age to inexperience,” said the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Alex Atkins. “…They give them a different point of view, because the guys here only know what they know. As coaches, we have to go to clinics or coaches in different places, so we’ve seen a lot of experiences. They only see what is being presented here, so I try to ask them More questions for the answers in the room, not just being given by a coach.”

The offensive line has been a beleaguered position in FSU’s past several seasons, though incremental strides occurred as the group jumped from one of the worst Power Five units in 2018 to one that was serviceable in last year’s times.

However, the streak was unable to withstand injuries as it climbed. FSU, for example, was forced to play a reserve guard on a left tackle – Brady Scott – or had to play wounded Defontay Love-Taylor In the right guard though, the veteran had a coincidence to himself from the previous year.

FSU’s running game production waned as the line eroded late in the season. The Seminoles went from averaging 6.72 yards per inning in games 1-7 (second nationally in this range) to 4.46 in games 8-12 (96th place). Yards before contact (2.64, 17 nationwide) further dropped to 1.38 (115 nationwide). Yes, FSU opposed better running defenses in the back of the year…but the average space per carry was less than those capable defenses allowed on average against other opponents.

In short, the running game collapsed because the streak could not block continuously.

That experience taught Atkins, who was promoted to offensive coordinator this season, some lessons.

“It builds some toughness. What happens is that training makes you uncomfortable,” Atkins said. “Speaking of players feeling uncomfortable, well, I had to make sure I was developing my youth properly and making sure I had enough players who could Go there and work.”

It also reinforced the idea that FSU should invest more in the line. Thus, the 10 additions are in advance, giving FSU 18 full scholarships. This isn’t the largest group Atkins has had in his coaching career, but it is the largest group he has had in his three seasons in Tallahassee.

Norville loves the mix of new additions with what’s coming back, noting that the transfers should help some veterans forced to play early in their careers. Robert Scott Darius Washington and Maurice Smith are the heaviest they’ve experienced in their time at FSU, but their developments didn’t come naturally as all three have been freshmen for several years as juniors or juniors.

throw in Dylan Gibbons – Arguably the most consistent streak at FSU last year after moving from Notre Dame – as well Thomas Schrader Back in the mix after a leg injury, the staff is starting to get comfortable with the newcomers coming back.

Pre-season camp, which begins on Wednesday, is all about mixing different combinations of Lin men to sort out the best start out of five. Norville believes there are 9-10 line workers who could be included in the squad and help the Fifa win games this season.

Compared to last year, when FSU handled about six career staff, it is easy to understand why the coaching staff is optimistic about the direction of the range of positions.

“The offensive line that coach Atkins put together, I was even thinking about wearing a helmet,” the backs coach joked. David Johnson. “He did a really good job.”

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