Legendary Star Wars writer Lawrence Kasdan is ready to make Solo 2

Before Raiders of the Lost Astronomy Even George Lucas had started production, he asked young screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan to turn around and write Empire strikes.

It’s one of those so-called realities of filmmaking that seems impossible to believe: the idea that George Lucas would have handed the keys to each of his fledgling franchises to a budding screenwriter with only two previous feature film credits. And when you talk to Lawrence Kasdan in 2022, he laughs and shakes his head. After more than four decades, even he is so unbelievable.

“I already wrote Raiders Kasdan says inverse. Then George said, ‘Now I want you to write empire“. I was shocked. I was instantly pushed into this world.”

42 years old, still lazy in that world. His last credit is guidance light and magic An in-depth documentary series on Disney+ lovingly chronicling the entire history of the iconic VFX home of Industrial Light & Magic. But he is also responsible for co-writing a screenplay The force wakes up (2015), co-writing Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) with son Jonathan Kasdan.

When you close your eyes and think of Lawrence Kasdan’s scenariosAnd the Immediately, the connective tissue between his writing style and his dialogue becomes apparent. When Kasdan writes, the characters don’t just say expressive things, they say things they wish they’d said.

“I am interested in people.”

“Everything I’ve done over these many years is the result of everything I’ve seen, heard, and lived,” Kasdan says. “I’m interested in people. I want to know the details. I want to stand behind what they are saying and try to see what they are. You know, it’s not always easy. Whether I’m writing a character – or making a documentary and interviewing someone – I want to know what drove them” .

George Lucas as he appeared in the documentaries light and magic.Lucasfilm / Disney +

Qasdan’s mention of working on documentaries, of course, refers to the new documentaries light and magicwhich humanizes some backstage players with Lucasfilm like never before.

Let’s face it, there was a lot From Star Wars documentaries, the prospect of making a movie centered around the history of one special effects house can be tough. But what makes it happen is Kasdan’s distinctive style, style, and ability to compress and transmit information quickly light and magic Click. Although several major players have been described and given new dimensions – from Phil Tippet to John Dykstra to Dennis Muren – Kasdan also retains light and magic Focus on George Lucas. Just having fresh interviews with George Lucas discussing the creation of ILM is kind of all you need to know about why light and magic Fabulous.

I will be more interested in working Another movienot a TV series.”

“When I started shooting the big movies, I had George drive the ship,” Kasdan says. “His duty was to do the best you could think of. Akira Kurosawa, my favorite director, used to say when he was writing, ‘What’s the best thing that could happen next?’ George from that school.”

In addition to words of inspiration, Kasdan’s sentiments lead to a shocking revelation about how early Lucasfilm films were made: the writers didn’t worry about budget. In our conversation, Kasdan clarified the scripts for Raiders of the Lost Astronomy And the Empire strikes You were not restricted to thinking about the cost of anything.

“It was not about the budget,” Kasdan said. “And this is one of the geniuses of ILM. They will expand it or shrink it to the budget that they have and they will still come up with miraculous things. And you see the films that were made for very little at ILM or the blockbusters, and the quality is the same.”

Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford in the group Raiders of the Lost AstronomyWritten by Lawrence Kasdan Before he wrote Empire strikes.Sunset Boulevard / Corbis Historical / Getty Images

Under the guidance of the skilled Kasdan, light and magic It’s an exhilarating shock of nostalgia for things you probably didn’t know you were nostalgic for. While it’s great to learn about the development of each particular type of technology, Kasdan keeps ILM’s story people-centric, creating characters as they know just how.

But will he ever return to one of the characters he shaped, arguably? Could Lawrence Kasdan write a dialogue for Han Solo again? When asked directly about one of Han Solos’ streaming TV series, Kasdan shot it.

“No, there is no talk of that,” he says. “I have never been particularly attracted to expansion [Solo] in display. But I’m talking to John [Kasdan] and ron [Howard] So much about what went right and what went wrong with me single expertise. I’d be more interested in making another movie, not a movie TV series.”

light and magic It is now streaming on Disney+.

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beautiful home decor Williams vs Radokano match postponed Brian Kelly, LSU player Myles Brennan, retires from football Black Adam and Stripe are seemingly heading to MultiVersus Bryce Dallas Howard claims she received payment.