Neuro-parasite makes dead insect walk after taking control of its brain, internet shocked

Neuro-parasite makes dead insect walk. Twitter/@IfsSamrat

Nature is a place of wonders where one can find several unseen and unknown living beings in action that have the potential to leave your mind puzzled. As beautiful and exotic as it may sound, nature sometimes can also come out as weird and bizarre for a human mind to understand. In one such instance, a video has recently surfaced on the internet where a neuro-parasite can be seen taking control of a dead bug and further making decomposed insects walk.

Yes, you have heard it right. The video shared by Indian Forest Service officer Dr Samrat Gowda on his Twitter handle clearly shows the insect missing most of its insides including its abdomen but still moving quite naturally. As claimed in the video, the officer said that scientists have concluded that a neuro-parasite has taken control of the brain of the dead insect.

Well, it is no Halloween movie. Some neuro-parasites indeed hijack their hosts’ brains and further make them act in horrific ways, leaving scientists as well as researchers shocked. This can be considered as one such instance that has gone viral on social media and has left people amazed and terrified at the same time.

Watch the video here:

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “This is scary”, while another said, “Awesome.” Another user commented “Really? This is one of the most interesting things I have seen.”

Divulging more details about the insect, a Twitter user also wrote, “This is a cockchafer Beetle ‘infected’ with a Cordyceps fungus. They take control of the host’s movements, grow through an insect’s body, creating a network of filaments that commandeer the insect’s muscles.”

Check some reactions:

The video has so far garnered over 4 lakh views and received more than 10,000 likes. Notably, this is not the first time this video has surfaced on the internet. Earlier in 2020, the video was shared on Facebook with the same claim by a page titled ‘Festival of the Dead.’

If we look a bit deep into it, the parasite-host interaction is a part of an act that has developed over millions of years. In such cases, a parasite usually taps into the host’s brain and neuronal circuitries to manipulate its cognitive functions.

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