The Maumelle duo was tough on opponents

LITTLE ROCK – It didn’t take long for Nico DeVellier to react when he heard what his friend and teammate Andrew Chamblee does when he’s not working on the football field.

The response from the 6-4, 270-pound defensive end was almost instant.

“I’m certainly not a pianist like him,” Davilier said with a laugh when told about one of Chambly’s hobbies. “Playing basketball is something I like to do when I’m not playing soccer. I was trying to go to college to play basketball, but my dad always told me I was going to DI in soccer. I actually liked basketball more until high school.

“But when high school came, that’s when I started to love football a lot more. But I’m not a pianist, that’s for sure.”

Davillier and Chamblee hit all the right keys while at Maumelle High School, and the problems they posed were certainly no laughing matter for the opposing teams.

Each was ranked among the top four players in the state by 247Sports after accumulating flashy stats as seniors with the Hornets. Now both are freshmen at the University of Arkansas and aim to inflict the same kind of damage on opponents in college as they did in high school.

“It went really well,” said Chambley, who is rated a 4-star recruit by ESPN. “I had a good spring and felt like I was killing the exercises. I was trying to lift my weight a bit, and that was kind of an adjustment for me.

“But I feel like no one else in the country does the exercises that we do. Honestly, [workouts] It is much more than I expected. However, my mentality is just to keep getting better every day.”

Chamblee, a 6-6, 311-pound offensive lineman, was one of the many early recorders for the Razorbacks, allowing him to get an early leap into college life. While he handles everything that comes with being a first-year player, like fighting top players daily, he doesn’t lack confidence – for good reason.

During his final season at Maumelle, Chamblee graduated 92% while scoring 22.5 pie blocks, nearly 28 knockouts and 10 lead blocks. His dominance along the front line attracted scholarship offers from elite programs such as Auburn, Florida, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania State. However, it was the feeling he got whenever he thought of playing in front of his home state’s fans that eventually led him to Fayetteville.

“Just people across the state, how do they feel about the Razorbacks,” he said. “with [Arkansas Coach Sam Pittman]I know he’s going to do a good job, which is why we’re doing this job now. It makes the program better and stronger. And you have to be in touch with your attitude coach if you want to come somewhere.

“So I felt with [offensive line coach Cody Kennedy]This was the contact between me and him. The way the staff think, the way they plan and how they put their players first no matter the situation, that’s huge.”

Deviler had similar feelings about Bateman and his staff as well.

“Coach Bateman keeps it real all the time, and his crew does the same,” he said. “Based on my decision to come here, Coach Bateman did it for me. It was everything he was doing. He was around a lot and really made me feel wanted.

“We definitely recruited hard.”

Davillier, a 4-star prospect from the Rivals, chose Arkansas over offers from Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Nebraska to name a few. He played several positions in Maumelle, including in the offensive line and in the middle. But his ability to influence matches on defense has made him one of the best players in the country.

Of Develier’s 74 tackles last season, 26 were for a loss. He also had 15 center revs, 5 sacks and 3 forced holdovers. He said he thinks he has progressed well so far since joining the Razorbacks.

“Everything is going well,” DeVillere said. “I learn plays and I deal properly with the rest [defensive line] Players and coaches. I’m adjusting steadily a bit, but things are going the way I expected.

“For me, the schedule has been the biggest thing I’m used to. It’s not so bad, it’s just different. The coaches try to work with us as much as possible to prepare us. But there are times when we just have to keep up.”

This kind of ideology is exactly what Develier and Champel said they believed would help the Razorback family become a national power sooner rather than later.

“Just Coach Bateman and how he’s running things here,” DeVeller said. “I honestly think we will be 10 times better than we were last year. And I think we will continue to build after that.”

Quick look at Chamblee

Class student

Site line attack

age 18 (born June 17, 2004)

length weight 6-6, 311 pounds

hometown Momel

High school Momel

NB First team, the Arkansas selected Democrat-Gazette All-Arkansas Preps last season and second team in 2020. … He was selected as the 2022 All-American and participated in the All-American Bowl as a senior. … Ranked as the country’s 17th offensive lineman by 247Sports. … In addition to Arkansas, scholarship offers from SEC programs in Auburn, Florida, Mississippi, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee have also accumulated.

Davelier at a glance

Class student

Site defensive line of defense

age 18 (born January 1, 2004)

length weight 6-4, 270 pounds

hometown New Orleans

High school Momel

NB Offers have been submitted by other NCAA Division I schools such as Arkansas State, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Purdue, among others. …was the first team, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette All-Arkansas Prep during his senior year. It was also a selection for the second team as a junior. …he scored nearly twice as much last season as a forward for the Maumelle basketball team. … three years beginning in Maumelle.

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beautiful home decor Williams vs Radokano match postponed Brian Kelly, LSU player Myles Brennan, retires from football Black Adam and Stripe are seemingly heading to MultiVersus Bryce Dallas Howard claims she received payment.