Viral tweet says Starbucks is 'busting unions'

Viral tweet says Starbucks is ‘busting unions’

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Hello everyone! Andrew here. I’m back! Welcome to today’s edition of Internet Insider. I hope you enjoyed having Tiffany and Ramon guide you through last week’s news.

Today’s main stories are about viral work, hacking, post-Roe country, and the MCU. Plus, Tiffany breaks down the most pressing talk online in her weekly “This week on the internetcolumn. Scroll below to also find out what she meme of the week choose is!

One last thing: yesterday marked five years since Hillary Clinton told us to “Pokemon Go to the polls.” So you can remember viral story moment.

See you tomorrow everyone! It’s good to be back.


PIRACY: Cybersecurity researchers say they have witnessed a “sustained effort” by nation-state hackers compromising journalists’ accounts. Hacking groups either imitated Where target journalists to access information deemed valuable by foreign governments. Our technical journalist Michael breaks it all down in his full report here.

VIRAL WORK: Workers of a Starbucks in Seattle criticize the company’s decision to close its store, saying closure was ‘union busting’ in viral tweet. The company announced that the store would be closed along with 15 others for security reasons, but some on Twitter noted that at least 3 of 16 stores have voted or petitioned to unionize.

mcu: The final of Ms. Marvelthe latest Disney+ show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe includes a “game-changing update“to the character’s origin story in the comics that could”change the futurefrom the MCU, our Culture Reporter Gavia writing. You can check out his recap of the series finale herebut be careful because he understands spoilers.

POST-RE: TikTokers who were prescribed acne medications who were asked to terminate a pregnancy while taking the pills wondering how these drugs will work in a Publish-Roe vs. Wade country. Our IRL journalist Tricie unpack the viral talk here.

a mountain landscape crossed by a river.

Alt text is now used in memes. Will it encourage people to use the feature?

This is a simple directive that has become common on Twitter: “Read alt text.”

Twitter has added the option to add alternative text (alt) on images A few years agobut user practice actually using the feature to accommodate people who use screen readers hasn’t really started to take off until recently. Now whenever you see an image on the app you will know that it includes alt text because there is a small black box in the left corner that reads “ALT” in capitals.

Everyone from brands at government agencies at meme accounts now use the “alt text” function, and this week more people are aware of it after NASA used it to describe the dazzling pictures from James Webb Space Telescope.

“The background of the space is black. Thousands of galaxies appear everywhere in view,” reads the beginning of detailed alt text on one of the images.

Although NASA has included alt text for vividly describe celestial images, others use the feature to add jokes and comment in their pictures. “Harrison Ford in a bathing suit and sunglasses with a drink and looks like he was sculpted by the gods”, read alt text on an image of the actor. The sonic the hedgehog account used the feature to describe Shadow’s summer and winter outfits: “On the left, Shadow the Hedgehog is wearing a t-shirt and shoes as his ‘winter clothes’, and on the right he is wearing the same t-shirt and shoes as his ‘summer clothes’ , but with the sleeves of the shirt cut off.

This week, Twitter featured one more step designed to promote its alt text feature: a image description reminder. Reminder is an enable feature listed under Accessibility in your profile settings. When you turn it on, Twitter reminds you to include alt text after uploading a photo to the app. This is a simple but effective way to remember to include alt text.

Twitter users who pushed for alt text and other accessibility features rejoiced.

“I couldn’t be happier, and this wouldn’t have happened without you all proving there was demand,” the account said. @AltTxtRemindera bot that reminded users to use alt text, tweeted on July 13.

Now that more and more people are using alt text on Twitter, there’s another discussion: How to stop people from putting useless text in the image description area, like hashtags and links. Accessibility advocates recommend using plain text which accurately describes the images.

Tiffany Kelly

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Here are some key dispatches from across the ‘net.

🍗 A video showing customers eagerly awaiting Costco roast chickens recently went viral, spark a debate.

🍺 If you are done 21 years old and always be identified, it may not be because you look young. In place, it’s because young people look oldaccording to a viral video of a gas station employee.

🍴 In a viral video, a TikToker revealed that she had it mother prepares lunch for her man and dumped like she did it herself.

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🥛 Does Starbucks recently change the brand of oat milk he uses? A TikToker seems to think so, and people online are mad about it.

🚗 Right-hand drive vehicle owner filmed herself go through a drive-thru upside down and being reprimanded by the worker at the window.

🥝 Faced with severe censorship, Cannamons TikTok fight the stigma around weed and motherhood. If you want more stories like this, subscribe to Passion fruit newsletter.

🦠 Do you have be fooled by the false tradition promoting The Blair Witch Project? Here are the viral marketing campaigns that helped shape the internet as we know it.

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The Webb Space Telescope the photos have been subject lots of memes this week, but this one, which shows the Distracted Boyfriend look at the new deep-field image of the universe while ignoring the old Hubble photo – is One of my favorites.

distracted boyfriend astro meme


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*First published: July 15, 2022, 12:00 p.m. CDT

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Andrew Wyrich

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beautiful home decor Williams vs Radokano match postponed Brian Kelly, LSU player Myles Brennan, retires from football Black Adam and Stripe are seemingly heading to MultiVersus Bryce Dallas Howard claims she received payment.